Neil Farrell is Farrell Associates’ Managing Director.

He began his career as a Graduate at Sky Sports, working in production. After a brief stint as a television presenter, he joined Robert Walters PLC as a recruiter, focusing on investment banks. Neil worked his way up to Associate Director, before moving on to set up Farrell Associates.

What was your first job?

I was a Runner at Sky Sports

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone?

Go for a run!

What’s the skill you’d most like to have?

I would like to have access to the ‘limitless pill’ from the film Limitless

What’s your favourite holiday destination?



What are you passionate about?


What would be your perfect day away from work?

Long lunch in a good restaurant with my wife

What’s your greatest business achievement?

Leaving a PLC and setting up my own business

What’s your greatest personal achievement?

Gemma agreeing to marry me

What would you choose as your last meal?

Chicken Fajitasfajita

What’s your favourite quote or motto?

‘Let’s get serious’ – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Name one person you’d like to have dinner with (and why)?

Bill Shankly. Because he is a hero!

What’s the best/worst quality in a leader?

The best quality is to lead by example. The worst is poor communication.

If you weren’t in your current role, what would you be doing?

Motivational speaking

What’s your favourite pastime/relaxation activity?

Running running

What can’t you live without?


If you could have any superpower what would it be (and why)?

Read the future, so I would know which candidates would get which jobs

Dogs or cats?


What is your most treasured memory?

My wedding day


What is your favourite film (and why)?

In the Name of the Father, because it is real and featured DD Lewis

What in life are you most grateful for?

My family and my wife




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Charlotte Robinson, Administrator