Let’s talk. 

Hi, I’m Anxiety, I’m here to stay

I might not be visible, but I won’t go away

I’ve come unannounced, don’t mind me

I’ll set up shop, and get comfy

And here’s the deal, though you don’t have a choice

While I’m here, I’ll use my voice

I’ll act as your conscience, and make you doubt

Everything you were always so sure about

I’ll mess with your brain and tell him there’s a threat

I’m sure he’ll believe me, let’s make a bet

And when he does, you’ll know for sure

Sweaty palms, heart racing, nausea and more

And just in case all that’s not enough

Meet Depression, he’s just as rough

A big black cloud, over your head,

A heavy weight, a feeling of dread

Or a feeling of nothing, you just won’t care

About much at all, while he’s there

“Are you okay?” your friends might ask

You say “yes” from under your mask

You’ll feel ashamed that we’ve come

You’ll feel scared, lonely, or just plain numb

But other people are feeling this fear

1 in 4 of us are diagnosed each year

With so many people feeling the strain

Why does sharing our problems cause so much pain?

It’s time to end stigma, there’s no time to baulk

Let’s do it now, today, together… Let’s talk.


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Charlotte Robinson, Administrator