I read as much as I can. I read non-fiction. I guzzle and hoover up everything I can find on how to improve my chances of running a happy and successful business. There have been some wins: on how to communicate better, how to manage energy levels and how to focus on the positive, not the negative. However, out of everything I have learnt, without a doubt, the most powerful tool and tactic to use, is to have a goal, or a vision. I guarantee you that if you can start with where you want to end your success rate will increase tenfold.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”  – Thomas Jefferson

Now forgive Thomas Jefferson for focusing the above message solely at men, he was living in different times. But, the message is clear. Someone driven towards a higher purpose is unstoppable. Have a think about the achievement in your life that you are most proud of. What was the objective? What did you have to do to get there? What sacrifices did you make and how did that make you feel afterwards?

Ghandi’s goal was to get rid of the Colonial Brits through non-violent resistance.

My vision is to create a multinational, multi-product, talent consultancy, that adds more value to clients than any competitor and which has the highest productivity and the happiest work-environment in the industry. A lot of people will say that the second half of that vision is unquantifiable, but that is fine for me, because the drive and direction has been created anyway. I can use this goal every minute of every day to prioritise my work, to energise and motivate myself and to, ultimately, create the filter with which I view everything that I do.

“To the person who does not know where he wants to go, there is no favourable wind” – Seneca

Clearly, Seneca didn’t think that women made great adventurers, but you get the point of the quote. In fact, if Emeline and Christabelle Pankhurst hadn’t had the vision of gaining women the right to vote, people would still be thinking and speaking in the above language. The key thing is to decide what your higher calling is. What will make you happy in the long run? Is it money, love, popularity, success, a mixture of all of the above?


Take your time to work out what it is that you want to achieve. It might be to do a TED Talk, to buy a five bedroom house with a pool, to overcome depression. Whatever it is, take time to sit down and really work out what it is. The clearer the goal and the more important it is to you, then the more benefit you will get from having it. Visualise the goal. Imagine what it looks and smells like and, if you can, print something off and post it to your computer at work or your mirror for when you are getting ready:


Make sure that what you decide is your goal is the ultimate prize. And think BIG! You can start every day on your commute, or your morning run, thinking about this goal. It is the best way to start the day and gives everything else you do that day context!

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Neil Farrell, Managing Director

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