At Farrell Associates, one of our perks is a fruit box in the office, filled to the brim with fresh fruit every week. While I am sure that we aren’t unique in offering our staff something nutritious to munch on throughout the day, this was the first company I had encountered that offered something like this – often you hear stories of cupcakes and doughnuts rather than a variety of seasonal fruit. And now that summer is upon us, the fruit offerings are only getting better and better – I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t like ripe and juicy nectarines and peaches!

So, if you aren’t already ordering fruit boxes into the office, here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. Fruit is light

Processed snacks and meals are often calorie-dense and nutritionally empty. They are also quite heavy, and normally full of sugar, which leads to sluggishness and your mid-afternoon slump. I’m no saint, and am certainly guilty of resorting to chocolate and biscuits to get a quick fix, but having the fruit available forces me to make a conscious decision between the naughty drawer and the healthy fruit box.  Fruit is great for a snack or light meal – you still get your sweet fix but without the sugar crash!

Decisions, Decisions

2. It lifts your mood

Fruit is crammed with enzymes and antioxidants, so as well as feeling happy because you’ve eaten something sweet, you’re also getting lots of great nutrients that boost your mood. Some specific fruits harbour serotonin-boosting Tryptophan. This amino acid has been known to improve depression, amongst other mental health issues, and some studies have found it to be as effective for treating depression as antidepressant drugs. So, when you’re feeling low, grab a banana, some pineapple, a kiwi or a plum to feel the magic!

fruit tryptophan 1


3. You’ll feel more focused and alert

Not only will you not feel sluggish because they’re nice and light (see point 1), the vitamins and minerals make you feel more alert and full of vitality. The best fruits for focus are avocados, blueberries, strawberries and bananas. From GCSE, through to my final degree exams, I ate a banana before every exam. By the end of my degree, it had become such a ritual that I was taking a bunch of bananas up to the exam hall in case anyone else wanted one!


4. You’ll have more energy for longer

Fruits are a natural source of instant energy. Swapping a bar of chocolate for a piece of fruit will increase your energy without the slump, as it keeps your blood sugar stable for longer than sugary snacks!


5. You’ll be more productive – and so will your team!

With everyone at work reaping the benefits of eating fresh fruit, your workforce will be happier and healthier. The healthier you are the fewer sick days you’ll take – about 137 million working days were lost from illness and injury in 2016! Healthy, happy, alert and focused employees are, unsurprisingly, far more productive than the ones who are sluggish, suffering from low-moods and sugar crashes, and unable to focus on their work. Also, if your colleagues are happy at work, they’ll want to come to work, and the cycle will continue!


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Charlotte Robinson, Administrator