There’s little more that is satisfying after a day at work than going home knowing you were at the top of your game and really productive. If only there was a way to feel like that every day… Well there is! Follow these tips and you’ll be well on the way to becoming a very productive, efficient version of you 😊

1. Make your To-Do list at the end of the day

This way you will hit tomorrow running. Also, prioritise your workload effectively – do the easy, urgent tasks first and the difficult, low priority ones last.

2. Keep a clean, orderly work space

Cluttered workspace = cluttered mind. Why not try to clear your desk at the end of every week, so you can start Mondays with a bang!

3. Stay away from negative people

Anyone with a negative attitude will bring you down. Don’t be one and don’t hang with one.

4. Dress as though today is a day to remember

Our day tends to rise to our expectations of it. If you make an effort when you get dressed, you’ll feel more positive and productive. As the saying goes – dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

5. Take a break

Even if it seems counterintuitive, taking a break can increase your productivity. The HSE suggest that short, frequent breaks from your screen are better than less frequent longer breaks, so a 5-10 minute break after 50-60 minutes is better than a 20 minute break every 3 hours.

6. Reduce decision fatigue

Form habits and stick to them. The most successful people always have strict routines from what they wear to what they eat at lunch. The fewer decisions you make day-to-day, the more brain power you’ll have for the high-level stuff.

7. Be a sponge

If a book or person is mentioned to you that you are not yet familiar with, write it down and research later. Also, ask plenty of questions and absorb the answers – curiosity fuels your mind and your soul.

8. Exercise 

The benefits of exercise go further than being able to fit in your favourite pair of jeans from a few years back. The increased blood flow to the brain keeps you alert, focused and full of energy, and keeping fit is also great for your mental health.

9. Turn off when you are off

When you are with your family or friends, turn off your work technology and be present. When your phone is on the table, you are not at the table. If you’re out for a meal and think you’ll struggle to go without checking your phone, you could try ‘stacking’: everyone puts their phones, screen down, in a pile in the centre of the table. The first person to cave in and check their phone pays for the meal for everyone!

10. Think positively!

Every cloud has a silver lining; whether you see it or not is a choice. Make the choice to think positively, and it’ll soon become a habit 😊

11. Avoid refined carbs during the day

This one is something I started implementing recently, and felt immediate benefits. I cut out the carbohydrate from my lunch, and no longer felt sluggish mid-afternoon. Increase your consumption of protein and good fats (omega 3 for example, found in salmon, tuna and avocado) – you’ll feel satisfied for longer, and without the slump you’ll just power right through your afternoon.

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Charlotte Robinson, Administrator